Tremors: Complete Motion Picture Soundtrack


captbart: just checking in ... recent posts in "Burt Gummer and weapons" section. Nov 14, 2018 23:40:38 GMT -5
captbart: Hi, guys. watching T3 on Starz on cable. Dec 1, 2018 15:10:21 GMT -5
captbart: Just stopped by to say Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year as well. Dec 21, 2018 20:30:40 GMT -5
timforston: Happy New year folks Jan 3, 2019 17:18:45 GMT -5
captbart: Starz cable changing is currently running a Tremors marathon. Feb 18, 2019 13:09:42 GMT -5
captbart: On cable MPLEX is showing a Tremors marathon. Mar 19, 2019 20:40:06 GMT -5
captbart: Happy 4th of July, folks. Remember those who put their "lives, fortunes, and sacred honor" on the line so that we might be citizens and NOT subjects! Jul 4, 2019 22:10:28 GMT -5
captbart: I trust that everyone is safe from the various storms, earthquakes, power outages, etc. You folks keep safe out there and remember, MOTHER NATURE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! Jul 14, 2019 16:24:35 GMT -5
critters: Been along time but I just thought I would hop back on a couple of forums I loved when I was younger. Looks like I was active here way back in 2011! Glad to see its still active! Jul 16, 2019 21:23:51 GMT -5
captbart: Critters, good to hear from you. Stop back now and then and add to some of the posts. Jul 21, 2019 10:05:24 GMT -5
captbart: Starz channel is running a Tremors marathon right now. T2 just comming on the air. Aug 24, 2019 9:41:52 GMT -5
captbart: Starz Encore channel is running Tremors marathon today. Tremors to T5 and then start over. Beginning now. Oct 14, 2019 11:00:07 GMT -5
captbart: my cable channel 149 (MPLEX) is running a Tremors marathon tonight. T1 just started. Dec 31, 2019 20:04:05 GMT -5 *
captbart: SYFY channel is running a Tremors marathon today. T6 on now, T5 next and on down. Jan 18, 2020 10:51:00 GMT -5
captbart: Rather that watch the "all pandemic, all the time, we're gonna die unless we become serfs" news, I've decided it is time for another Tremors marathon. I'll be happier (THAT will drive the MSM nuts :P), calmer, and safer. I'll clean guns at the same time :D Apr 19, 2020 11:39:19 GMT -5
timforston: I always miss your marathon announcements, I gotta come back more often. Jun 10, 2020 20:23:48 GMT -5
captbart: timforston, Without a new movie out and the series off the air, the page gets a tad slow at times. I try to keep in touch and occasionally post as I really like to hear from you guys. I've kind of adopted the 'Burt Gummer and Weapons' as my own. Jun 15, 2020 11:31:10 GMT -5
gian9456: hello Sept 3, 2020 16:55:02 GMT -5
captbart: gian9456, Greetings and salutations. My apologies for being gone for so long and welcome. I look forward to your opinions and posts. Sept 16, 2020 21:28:08 GMT -5
project412: Really can't wait for the new Arrow release of Tremors! After the terrible DNR on the original Blu-ray release from over a decade ago, I am so excited to see Tremors finally getting the remaster that it deserves. Sept 27, 2020 9:04:15 GMT -5