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Rowen: thank you Timforston, and I am ^_^ Sept 23, 2015 20:02:52 GMT -5
girlofthenorth: Hey there everyone! I've been lurking this forum for maybe 5 years? Finally decided to make an account with Tremors 5 coming out and all and finally joining the discussion! Oct 1, 2015 19:18:43 GMT -5
girlofthenorth: Well the lurking has been more of an off and on thing lol Oct 1, 2015 19:19:39 GMT -5
timforston: Welcome girlofthenorth! Is that a Game of Thrones reference btw? Oct 2, 2015 18:13:19 GMT -5
Mr.ELBlanco: Made a new banner for the forum to celebrate Tremors 5 and because I thought we could use an update. Let me know what you think. Oct 4, 2015 12:35:03 GMT -5
timforston: Really like the new banner! Oct 4, 2015 13:38:12 GMT -5
Mr.ELBlanco: Thanks, timforston. Thought we could use a change. Oct 4, 2015 16:48:31 GMT -5
timforston: 162 Guests in the last 24 hours. That had to be a record that has not been met in a LONG time!!! Oct 7, 2015 14:07:25 GMT -5
Mr.ELBlanco: Thats a lot, I hope we get a lot of new members with the release of the movie. Oct 11, 2015 14:46:47 GMT -5
Rowen: I MUST WATCH TREMORS 5!!!! Oct 11, 2015 20:28:44 GMT -5
Earl Bassett: It says there are 10 threads and 105 posts on the Tremors 3 board, but all I see when I enter is one thread entitled "Desert Jack Promo Still". What is the cause of this error Oct 17, 2015 18:57:08 GMT -5
Mr.ELBlanco: EArl, I don't really know. Sometimes when the board hosting service has updated in the past it deletes the old threads but leaves the count there. Oct 20, 2015 11:48:23 GMT -5
Earl Bassett: What?! Posts gets deleted? Why would they be? Do they update automatically? That sounds absolutely horrible and can ruin a lot of great stuff on the forum if an update just delete various threads every now and then. Oct 20, 2015 14:00:18 GMT -5
Rowen: HEY, TREMORS 5 is on Netflix! Watching it and getting really excited! Oct 23, 2015 18:04:55 GMT -5
captbart: just got back from a 3 week trip in new RV. T5 arrived the day AFTER we left for the trip and I've been going nuts waiting to get back and watch it. Have not seen the special features yet but it WAS worth the wait. Oct 25, 2015 12:06:24 GMT -5
Mr.ELBlanco: Good to see you back captbart, I really enjoyed Tremors 5. Oct 26, 2015 12:49:33 GMT -5
Rowen: I really enjoyed Tremors 5. I do wish they bring back the TV show. Nov 8, 2015 2:08:38 GMT -5
timforston: Wish granted Rowen! In a way Nov 24, 2015 17:56:07 GMT -5
timforston: Time to add a new folder on the Board. Tremors The Series Part Deux Nov 24, 2015 18:08:52 GMT -5
rawen100: I can't believe they're actually doing another series that isn't centered around Burt and Travis. Pleasantly surprised! Nov 24, 2015 18:45:27 GMT -5