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captbart: Thanks, guys. I know it has been a while. Had some back surgery then rehab, etc. Doing much better now. I retire in 60 days and plan to do some traveling. I may even try to get to the Proudfoot lab coordinates Burt calls out in the series. Jul 2, 2015 12:53:06 GMT -5
project412: Nice to see you around captbart! Glad everything sounds like its going pretty well. If you do end up going to the coordinates, I demand pictures! I'm curious to see what the area actually is. :P Jul 2, 2015 15:42:28 GMT -5
captbart: Tressdaddy51, I can't quite make out what is on Burt's vest in your avatar. Would you please enlighten me? A curious mind with 'antique' eyesight wants to know. Jul 3, 2015 11:59:44 GMT -5 *
Vladimir: I've actually looked up the coordinates and figured out where "Perfection" is. They basically modeled it after Moapa Valley. Same spot and everything. My friend and I are planning on going there for a few days in 2017 before the eclipse. I can't wait. :D Jul 16, 2015 21:00:24 GMT -5
timforston: How's it going everyone? Glad to be back stateside in time for Tremors 5!!! Aug 13, 2015 11:07:08 GMT -5
Rowen: hello, how is everyone? Sept 10, 2015 1:56:33 GMT -5
Rowen: I am new here. id like to know what's new with the whole Tremors series...and I didn't mean the TV show. Sept 10, 2015 2:12:48 GMT -5
Rowen: hello.... Sept 10, 2015 21:23:22 GMT -5
Mr.ELBlanco: Tremors 5 comes out in less then a month. Sept 17, 2015 4:06:32 GMT -5
captbart: Just checking in ... opened a new thread under Burt's guns. Sept 19, 2015 19:30:59 GMT -5
captbart: Hello Rowen - welcome to the group. I hope we'll get more active when T5 comes out. Sept 19, 2015 19:31:38 GMT -5
Rowen: well thank you for the welcome Captbart. and I do hope so. ive been a fan since when I was 10 xD Sept 22, 2015 20:33:54 GMT -5 *
timforston: Welcome Rowen! Hope you enjoy the site as much as we do! Sept 23, 2015 12:50:40 GMT -5
Rowen: thank you Timforston, and I am ^_^ Sept 23, 2015 20:02:52 GMT -5
girlofthenorth: Hey there everyone! I've been lurking this forum for maybe 5 years? Finally decided to make an account with Tremors 5 coming out and all and finally joining the discussion! Oct 1, 2015 19:18:43 GMT -5
girlofthenorth: Well the lurking has been more of an off and on thing lol Oct 1, 2015 19:19:39 GMT -5
timforston: Welcome girlofthenorth! Is that a Game of Thrones reference btw? Oct 2, 2015 18:13:19 GMT -5
Mr.ELBlanco: Made a new banner for the forum to celebrate Tremors 5 and because I thought we could use an update. Let me know what you think. Oct 4, 2015 12:35:03 GMT -5
timforston: Really like the new banner! Oct 4, 2015 13:38:12 GMT -5
Mr.ELBlanco: Thanks, timforston. Thought we could use a change. Oct 4, 2015 16:48:31 GMT -5